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Commander-in-Chief Forum: What We Would Ask

Tonight's Commander-in-Chief News Forum presented by NBC and moderated by Matt Lauer is focused on national security, military affairs and veterans issues. Is there room to discuss women and how they are disproportionately affected in these concerns? Yes. Here's what...

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Two Libertarian Town Halls, Zero Women’s Issues

On August 3, CNN hosted their second Libertarian Town Hall with nominees Gary Johnson and Bill Weld. Although we have not seen these nominees in a primary debate, we thought the town halls should receive The Women's Debate treatment and be analyzed for their coverage...

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So What’s a “Women’s Issue” Anyway?

The term “women’s issues” comes with a lot of baggage, often with negative, narrowed views. It’s not just about reproductive rights. Women’s issues cover the concerns that are acutely experienced by women in their every day lives: child care, parenting, access to...

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Roger Ailes and Me: A Story of Harassment

Entrepreneur, author, and speaker Jocelyn Greenky has shared her #IWasHarassed story in moving new blog at My ankles were crossed with my right-leg in front of the left. It was clear something was rubbing up and down my leg. Quickly, I turned to my...

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End the Silence by Speaking Out with #IWasHarassed

.@GretchenCarlson, join us inviting others 2 speak out? RT using #IWasHarassed. #womensdebate working 4 nat'l convo — Women's Debate (@thewomensdebate) July 20, 2016 The Women's Debate is providing a forum through #IWasHarassed where women and...

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