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Time’s Up: Our Presidential Debates Have a Democracy Problem

New Data from TIME’S UP Shows Women, People of Color and Especially Women of Color are Wildly Underrepresented as Debate Moderators, with Trendlines Moving in the Wrong Direction on Racial Representation Today’s voters are more diverse than ever before. In fact, women...

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Can We Talk? What’s Your American Dream?

While a national presidential debate did not take place in the most recent election, The Women's Debate remains committed to demanding a debate on women's issues from our local and national representatives. As The Women's March earlier this year highlighted, a women's...

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Let’s Stay Focused Where it Matters: Policies

We’re committed to nonpartisanship because we want The Women’s Debate conversation to be about women’s issues—all women’s issues. And yet we often receive criticism as being partisan because we talk about women’s issues. As the political repercussions of recent news...

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Dear Secretary Clinton and Mr. Trump: Here Are Our Questions

Which policies can eliminate the barrier to equal participation–and earnings–in the economy for working women and ensure economic survival for women struggling in poverty? Which strategic policies will help women-owned businesses grow and create more jobs? What...

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