Our Mission

The Women’s Debate is a nonpartisan collective of concerned citizens and organizations. We have created this platform to collect and curate critical questions about women’s issues to be posed to presidential candidates in a live debate or town hall.

Women represent half the population and turn out to vote more than men, yet in 21 primary debates asking more than 700 questions, only 6 questions were asked about issues that disproportionately affect women and did not mention abortion or Planned Parenthood. We seek to highlight for all voters the nominee’s policies on women’s economic opportunities, health care concerns, and personal safety.

By introducing these issues in a national debate we can help raise awareness, evaluate our leaders’ policies, and demonstrate women’s voting power.

Whether for yourself, your daughter, your spouse/significant other, your colleague or because it is the right thing to do, we urge you to demand a debate on women’s issues for your local and national representatives


June 2019

Primary Debates Begin

March 8 2020

International Women’s Day

July 13 – 17

Democratic National Convention

August 24-27

Republican National Convention 

November 3

Election Day

It is our vision that economic opportunities, accessibility of health care, and safety become reality for all women.

Individuals and organizations can join the campaign by contacting info@womensdebate.org

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