While a national presidential debate did not take place in the most recent election, The Women’s Debate remains committed to demanding a debate on women’s issues from our local and national representatives.

As The Women’s March earlier this year highlighted, a women’s issue isn’t just a social or economic problem or reality that disproportionately affects women, but a core social or economic issue viewed through the lens of how it can uniquely affect the lives of women and their families. And the policies that help better women’s issues–be it fair wages or the talent gap in STEM jobs and cybersecurity–can be solutions that benefit all of society.

We can’t demand that representatives seeking office debate policy solutions if we don’t voice what matters to us.

To that end, we’re proud to announce that we’ve joined The Chisel and a bipartisan coalition of 25 organizations to launch a powerful new survey, “What’s Your American Dream?”

The Chisel Presents "What's Your American Dream?" surveyPresented like a game to make it quick & easy, the survey asks the important questions about the economy, social justice, healthcare, education, foreign affairs, and governance.You can even add comments. Take it at your pace—in full right now, or a few minutes each week over the next 7 weeks.

The most important part? Results will be hand-delivered in September to the President, Cabinet, Members of Congress, Supreme Court, and state governors!

The survey is hosted by The Chisel, a nonpartisan online platform. Head over to www.thechisel.com/americandream now. 


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